Presentations, lectures and public speaking

training_2The written word is fundamentally important. I also believe that stories, dialogue and visual images are more effective in knowledge sharing. Sharing anecdotes and stories is the essential part of communicating to mass audiences.

For the Sphere Project I have presented and debated quality standards and humanitarian principles around the world over four years. Since then I have run many dozens of training courses. In total, I would estimate that I have spoken to a total audience approaching 5000 people.

For the Humanitarian Futures Programme I have presented on future humanitarian crises and desired organisational behaviours in turbulent environments to leadership meetings within the Red Cross Movement and Médecins Sans Frontiers.

I have given seminars at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, York University, University College London, Oxford-Brookes University, King’s College London, University of Paris at the Sorbonne, and the Indira Ghandi National Open Univeristy in New Delhi.

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