Independant Facilitation

training_2While it should be clear by now that facilitation is integral to much of what I do as a consultant, this section describes independent facilitation as a discrete activity. A facilitator in this sense is accountable for the process of group reflection and decision-making, and will ensure the process is transparent, participatory, fair and effectively leads to a result. I have facilitated large and small group events, short duration and long residential retreats, for single organisations and multi-organisation consortia. Much of my work is currently about creating environments where sense-making can safely occur.

Single organisation events

For FAO’s Emergency Division, I facilitated their first divisional retreat – a five day large group strategic review process for 300 people. This retreat consisted of a series of knowledge sharing and dialogue activities. I have also facilitated strategic retreats for a number of organisations including: Tufts Univeristy’s Feinstein Famine Centre, the Overseas Development Institute’s Humanitarian Policy Group, CARE International’s humanitarian group, Oxfam’s Humanitarian Department, the International Council of Voluntary Agencies ICVA, Manchester Town Council’s multi-agency forum for refugee integration, UN-FAO, and UN-OCHA

Multi-agency network events

I have facilitated events and specific learning reviews for a range of multi-agency consortia including: the Humanitarian Accountability Partnership International, the Emergency Capacity Building Project, ALNAP, the Tsunami Evaluation Coalition, ProVention, and the Sphere Project.

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