About Sean


I am a dual Canadian-UK Citizen, and speak English and French.

With a background in mechanical engineering, I have been a humanitarian aid worker since 1990.  This has involved working for local organisations; living in refugee camps; managing major relief operations in complex political emergencies; leading global humanitarian operations for an international NGO; facilitating the introduction of humanitarian standards on six continents; and working with many organisations to improve their performance.

My professional network reflects a 20 year history of boundary-spanning assignments.  I have visited 70 some countries, of which I worked in 22, and lived in 10.  As a consultant, I have completed over 80 contracts working for a diverse range of organisations.  I am retraining as a social scientist, slowly working through a part-time PhD in the School of Social Science and Public Policy at King’s College London where I am writing a thesis on organisational collaboration.  I also contribute to an organisational research programme called Humanitarian Futures, and am a founding partner of the strategy consultancy Sensitive Dynamics.

I strive to make a positive contribution by working creatively and pragmatically, and by emphasising relationships, listening, and most of all: thriving in uncertainty and complexity.  I try to help organisations become able to continually change.

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